Growl Plugin for Reeder for Mac

Posted by Yoshimasa Niwa on 12/05, 2010

A few days ago, the amazing Google Reader client, Reeder is coming to Mac! Originally, Reeder is working on iPhone and iPod, which is the one of the best iPhone, iPad applications.

Currently Reeder for Mac is released as beta version and I love this but something I need is still missing. Yes, I wanted to have Growl desktop notifications like what I did for Tweetie last year!

I made a plugin for Reeder to enable Growl desktop notifications then it works good so far. When we’ve got unread articles on Reeder for Mac, it will notify us. Don’t miss the hot news! Of course in future, Reeder for Mac itself may support desktop notification though.

Download and Install

  1. Installing Reeder for Mac. You may found the current Reeder for Mac from their tweets.
  2. If you didn’t install SIMBL yet, install SIMBL prior to use this plugin.
  3. Download GrowlReeder plugin from this page, then unpack the package.
  4. Quit Reeder for Mac if running. Create a folder located at (Your Home)/Library/Application Support/SIMBL/Plugins, then copy GrowlReeder.bundle into it.
  5. Run Reeder for Mac with Growl desktop notifications :)

One thing…

If you have many unread articles on your Google reader account, this plugin send tons of Growl notifications when you’re running Reeder for Mac at first time. In that case, run Reeder for Mac first then load all unread articles then install this plugin.

Addressed this issue on version 0.1.1.

Change Log

Source Code

You can get the source code from my github repository.


GrowlReeder is under MIT License.



  • Patrick said at 12/11, 2010
    Thank you for the nice plugin. Would it be possible to open the item in Reeder with a click on the growl message?
  • Yoshimasa Niwa said at 12/19, 2010
    Patrick: I guess yes, I'll try to implement your request on next version... I didn't check the code though.
  • Patrick said at 12/23, 2010
    Thanks, I would appreciate that.
  • ninjasinmypants said at 12/29, 2010
    This is great stuff. Thanks for working on this!
  • Rastko said at 12/30, 2010
    Great Plugin! Thanks a lot!
  • Yoshimasa Niwa said at 05/08, 2011
    I've got some emails that after updating Reeder for Mac Version 1.0 (Draft 14), this plugin doesn't work. I'll address this sooner, so please wait patiently.

    Reeder for Mac Version 1.0 (Draft 14)にバージョンアップするとこのプラグインが動かないという報告をうけています。追って対応したいと思いますので今しばらくお待ちください。
  • Yoshimasa Niwa said at 05/11, 2011
    Updated, now it works with Draf 14. Please download the plugin here then replace with old one.

    Draft 14で動くように更新しました。最新のプラグインをダウンロードして既存のものと入れ替えてください。
  • Yoshimasa Niwa said at 06/13, 2011
    Finally is now on sale at App Store then I make sure that this plugin is also working well with it.

    先日正式版のReederがApp Storeで発売されましたたが、このプラグインも問題なく動作します。
  • senpatsu said at 06/17, 2011
  • Janusch said at 07/23, 2011

    after the update today , Reeder 1.1 the Plugin don't work
    You will make a new one?

    Greetz Janusch
  • titi said at 08/01, 2011
    Thanks a lot for the update!
  • Andysan said at 08/26, 2011
    Is there a Way or do you plan to make that Plugin work with Reeder/Growl under Lion?
  • Yoshimasa Niwa said at 08/26, 2011
    Andysan: It should work under Lion.
  • rinmon said at 08/28, 2011
    アプリとか関係がないが、早くGoogle AppsがGoogle Readerに対応してくれないかな。
  • Andysan said at 09/03, 2011
    Reeder 1.1.2 (v1010.29.00) has not been tested with the plugin GrowlReeder 0.1.2 (v1). As a precaution, it has not been loaded. Please contact the plugin developer for further information."

    No it won't anymore, since i installed the Lion Update…… and it makes me sad……

  • John said at 09/10, 2011
    Be good to have this working once again. Any plans?
  • Yoshimasa Niwa said at 09/14, 2011
    Andysan: please download latest version of GrowlReeder from this page.
    John: The latest one should work with current Reeder v1.1.2.
  • Andysan said at 09/16, 2011
    Yes, cool stuff…… best wishes to Japan from Germany, great Job Dude, thanks a lot ^^
  • Jean-Christophe said at 11/08, 2011
    Thank you very much Yoashima, it works very well now.
  • Philippe said at 11/15, 2011
    Would you know if this plugin is still working with growl from the Mac app store.
  • Yoshimasa Niwa said at 11/15, 2011
    It works, use latest version of this plugin, please.
  • Ave said at 02/15, 2012
  • Oumar said at 02/18, 2012
    Do you plan to add support for the 1.1.5 version ?

    Kind regards
  • Yoshimasa Niwa said at 02/19, 2012
    Latest version, plugin 0.1.6 should work with Reeder 1.1.5. If it doesn't work please let me know.
  • Oumar said at 02/19, 2012
    Thanks for your quick reply. I've installed and SIMBL and the GrowlReeder.bundle file into the User Home/Library/Application Support/SIMBL/Plugins directory. When I open the Growl setting panel, I don't see Reeder in the application list.
    I use the Growl version 1.3.3 and GrowlReeder version 0.1.6
  • pawel said at 05/21, 2013
    plugin does'n work
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