Temporary, Growl Plugin for Tweetie for Mac

Posted by Yoshimasa Niwa on 04/26, 2009

Now, I’m using amazing awesome twitter client, Tweetie for Mac thouth, I can’t wait a growl-enabled Tweetie for Mac…!

Hacking with TweetieHack!

I made a quick hack plugin to enable Growl feature for Tweetie for Mac!

As you know, the author of Tweetie for mac said: we are planing to implement it on Tweetie.app so, It is very temporal plugin so far. Enjoy!

Update of TweetieHack

The latest TweetieHack 0.2.0 supports Tweetie 1.1 and enhances its Growl notification. It puts tweeters’ name to notification title, show up to 5 recent tweets with tweeters’ icon, etc.

As next section, enabling Growl notification is completed by Tweetie itself but I decide to update this plugin for who want to use TweetieHack like notification with Tweetie 1.1. (Update May 10, 2009)

Update of Tweetie

Tweetie 1.1 has Growl ability! This plugin is no longer needed for enabling Growl notification.

You can enable Growl notification from “Nofitication Options…” button inside Account panel of Preferences. (Update May 5, 2009)

Download and Install

  1. Installing Tweetie for Mac.
  2. Download the package
  3. Double click to mount it, then follow the instructions.
  4. If you didn’t install SIMBL yet, double click SIMBL.pkg icon to install it prior to use this plugin.
  5. Quit Tweetie if it is running. Create a folter located at Your Home/Library/Application Support/SIMBL/Plugins, then copy TweetieHack.bundle into it.
  6. Click Tweetie application icon with Ctrl button, then select Get Info menu item. You’ll see Tweetie info panel. Turn Open in 32 bit mode on, then close the panel (This step is not required if you are using Tweetie 1.2 which returns in 32 bit mode.)

Change Log

Source Code

Now, I publish this project in open source. You can get the whole source code from my github repository.


TweetieHack is under MIT License.



  • Gabriel Walt said at 04/26, 2009
    Cool! Thanks a lot, it works great!!
  • Henri Watson said at 04/26, 2009
  • kirk fontaine said at 04/26, 2009
    Thanks for the app it works fine
  • 8ware said at 04/27, 2009
  • BULGARI said at 04/27, 2009
    Thx for useful !!
  • George said at 05/11, 2009
    Seems to be working great with 1.1.1 - thanks for the update!
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