Force to eject the stuck disc from MacBook Pro

Posted by Yoshimasa Niwa on 01/25, 2009

When I got my MacBook Pro(17inch, Late 2007), I was totally troubled with its optical disc drive. I inserted the Leopard install DVD into MacBook Pro which has slot loading optical disc drive, then booted up the Mac with C key to boot from DVD.

At that time, I could understand what was happen. The DVD disc seems to be spinning and the drive seems to try to read it, but something prevented to do.

It was not changed even if I turned off and on the power. By this way the disc ware stuck inside the Mac.

Of course, I can boot it up from HDD but, the disc was not mounted and I could not eject by eject key.

I thought that the firmware on disc drive tried to check whether the disc was loaded or not and something prevented to done that phase, the drive could not eject it. I also tried to eject by pressing F12 or eject or trackpad button with power button (see the apple’s FAQ), it did not help me.

The disc were still there.

Force to eject!

At first, I make the path to access the hidden eject button by disassembling the MacBook Pro. We can find the way to do on the web. Follow this guide you can open the upper case then, the disc drive will be revealed.

Next step is bit hard. You should NOT disconnect the cable connected the upper case. Then, plug the AC power and power on by power button.

After the disc drive spins up, you try to connect the two of four small dots printed on the flat cable which are place front left side of the disc drive using the clip or something electricity conducting. The disc will suddenly be ejected when you connect the small dots.

These small dots seem the pattens for implementing the eject button. (and the button is not fixed on the MacBook Pro…)



  • よし said at 02/20, 2009
  • Yoshimasa Niwa said at 02/20, 2009
    > よし さん
    それは今でも健在ですが(トラックパッドのボタン押しっぱなし起動)、それすら効かない状況でした。これは、分解して本来ある物理スイッチを押したことにして取り出すという荒技です。ちなみに、このMacBookPro 17"(Late 2007)は光学ドライブが壊れやすいことで有名だそうです(ジーニアス談)
  • よし said at 02/20, 2009
  • Yoshimasa Niwa said at 02/20, 2009
  • 伊太利屋次郎 said at 03/11, 2009
    私もMacBook Pro 17" (Early 2009)で同様な目に遭いました。まだ数日しか使ってないのに... 数回はDVDをちゃんと吐き出したのですが,排出不能になりました。分解は止めてAppleに修理(?)に出しました。Early 2009でも壊れやすいドライブを使っているのでしょうかね〜。さて,どのようにAppleさんはしてくれるのでしょうか?
  • Yoshimasa Niwa said at 03/14, 2009
    えー Early 2009でもですか。うううむ。国内メーカーであまりスロットローディングを見ない理由はきっとこういうことなんでしょうね... すぐに治って戻ってくると良いですね!
  • Takeuchi Toshiya said at 08/19, 2009
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