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Posted by Yoshimasa Niwa on 10/11, 2008 is one of the famous text editors in the world(Yes, I’m vim user!). I created a new icon for this because as you know, original Vim has green and sliver icon for many platforms, but I feel any icons do not suit with the other icons like “delicious icons” on the MacOS X.


How to use it?

  1. Download the zip package and expand it. You got png file(for many use) and icns file(for MacOS X).
  2. First of all, you’ve installed the using many ways like MacPorts.
  3. Revile in Finder and right-click on the icon then select “Show Package Contents”.
  4. Diving into Contents/Resources, then you might get app.icns or something.icns which shows the icon.
  5. Replace the file with vim.icns expanded from the zip file.
  6. Log-off and Log-in or typing “killall Finder” on the so that Finder refresh the application icon.

Change Log

  • 0.0.1
    • First release



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