Synergy build for Mac OS X Leopard

Posted by Yoshimasa Niwa on 12/21, 2007

Do you know the Synergy? It is a tool to share a keyboard and mouse among many computers via network. And there is another project SynergyKM which is Synergy for MacOS with GUI that we can control in System Preferences. This is so nice but, the binary distribute seems to be stopped at winter of 2006.

I build a binary one from the edge(revision 94 I use) of SVN source with a little bit changes for the Mac OS X Leopard so that we can use is more easy and comfortable.

Enjoy it!

How to install?

  1. Download it
  2. Double click dmg and mount it
  3. Drag SynergyKM.prefpane(the left one) into Library/PreferencePanes
  4. Open System Preferences and Click Synergy icon added


Patch what i changed



  • vincent said at 07/15, 2008
    very very good, thanks so much !!

    by the way, no need to drag SynergyKM.prefpane(the left one) into Library/PreferencePanes - you can just launch the file, it will launch syst prefs.
  • Yoshimasa Niwa said at 07/23, 2008
    > vincent
    I see, That's right!!
  • Tom said at 12/19, 2008
    Are there any updates to this? I'd love to see a regular Mac build of Synergy. Sourceforge doesn't have one.
  • dino said at 06/29, 2009
    beautifully done!
  • Frank said at 11/02, 2009
    Thanks a lot man

    This is a life saver
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