Leopard and Printings

Posted by Yoshimasa Niwa on 11/05, 2007

MacOS X 10.5 Leopard also use the cups for printing documents, of course cups are managed by Apple now. But the GUI was a little bit changed, and it makes me unhappy. This documents are small how to about printing on Leopard.

How to use Canon LIPS LX printer with Leopard?

I use the Canon ImageRUNNER iRC 2880F which use Canon LIPS LX protocol(?) over the IP for printing. Unfortunately Canon which some times ago provides us Macintosh in Japan, now does not provide the driver for Leopard yet. The next is an instruction to use the current driver on the Leopard.

  1. Download the latest driver from canon.jp
  2. Mount the dmg and install their driver using the installer
  3. Add the printer on the system preferences like: System Preferences - Print & FAX - Plus button - More Printers - Canon IP (LIPSLX) then, put IP of the printer.
  4. It looks like well, but we could not print yet. The error log shows that something wrong was happen related ColorSync.
  5. When you print the document you have to change the color settings in the printing dialog: Select Quality in the drop-down list - Color Settings - Matching - Change the Matching Mode from Driver Matching Mode(Default) to Printer Matching Mode or something the others.

Create the PDF Writer which print out the PDF file

Of course we can create PDF from the printing dialog but, I use the PDF Writer printer from the Windows working on the virtual machine(Parallels Desktop or VMware Fusion) as shared printer. This technique is presented on the parallels blog and the free PDF printer is presented on macosxhints.com. The bonjour works fine with Leopard but, the way to create the PDF printer must be changed a little but.

  1. Copy and paste the latest posted script on this post.
  2. Follow the instruction, place the script into /usr/libexec/cupsd/backend and chmod to 755 then sudo killall -HUP cupsd
  3. But next step is not available on Leopard. So we use cups web interface alternatively. Open http://localhost:631/ on Safari.
  4. Push Add Printer, input the name like: PDF_Writer(don’t include the while space) then click continue.
  5. Select PDF Writing, click continue, then input pdf:///tmp into Device URI and click continue.
  6. Select Generic, click continue, select Generic PostScript Printer… then click the Add Printer.
  7. You will get the dialog to input your account(or administrative account) name and password.
  8. Print the document using PDF_Writer. the output will placed into /tmp



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