TerminalColoreopard LeopardのターミナルのANSI配色を変えるツール

Posted by Yoshimasa Niwa on 11/02, 2007


MacOS X 10.5(Leopard)が発売されました。Leopardのターミナル(Terminal.app)は日本語を正しくあつかったりだとか、タブ機能だったりだとか、カラーテーマのプロファイルだとかかなり改善されてて満足が行くのですが、一点。なぜかANSIカラー(8色あります)を変更できないのです。Tigerのターミナルでは、同様に変更できなかったのですが、Terminal Colors Pluginを使うことで解決できました。このプラグインは残念ながらLeopardでは動作しません。 そこで、同じようなものをLeopardのTerminal.appむけに作りました。とりあえず動くものができたので公開します。

Snow Leopardの対応について

Snow Leopardに対応した64bit対応版を公開します。動作には最新のSIMBLが必要です。Leopardでご利用の場合は以前のバージョンをご利用ください。


  1. 上記パッケージをダウンロード
  2. ダブルクリックしてマウントして下さい
  3. このプラグインはSIMBLという拡張アプリケーションが必要です。インストールしていない場合は、SIMBL.pkgをダブルクリックしてインストールしてください。
  4. ターミナルが起動していないことを確認してください。起動していたら終了してください。
  5. TerminalColoreopard.bundleを自分のホームの/Library/Application Support/SIMBL/Pluginsにコピーしてください。このコピー先が存在しない場合は作成してください。


  • 現状、このANSIカラー設定はすべてのプロファイルで共用されます。
  • パレットで色変更をしても、現状ではすぐに反映されません。ターミナル画面になにか操作をすると反映されると思います。
  • 日本語リソースを作っていません。


  • 不都合を修正
  • インストーラを作る
  • 組み込みのテーマカラーを用意。Gnome Terminalにあるような、Tangoとか。
  • Terminal.appの設定画面に組み込む







このプロジェクトはオープンソースプロジェクトです。 すべてのソースコードはgithubのレポジトリから取得できます。


TerminalColoeropardはMIT Licenseで公開しています。



  • ms kimさんのコメント 11/19, 2007
    Hi, Yoshimasa san..
    I got installed on my private library, but I couldn't get it worked. Also, When I installed SIMBL package, It went to the /Library/InputManagers directory. This is not the one that you mentioned above article.
    Do you have any idea? What I can install your prestigious application.

  • Yoshimasa Niwaさんのコメント 11/20, 2007
    > ms kim
    At first, Please check the TerminalColoreopard.bundle are placed in ~/Library/Application Support/SIMBL/Plugins. If not, place it and quite the terminal then launch it. If you does not get the Color Preference menu item in Terminal.app Main menu(see the pic), please launch the Console.app(place in /Application/Utilities) and find the log said "TerminalColoreopard installed". If not, it seems the problem of this plug-in. please let me know your environment(I mean, is Intel Mac? The version of Mac OS is 10.5.x?)

    And, now I'm writing the next version of this plug-in which was changed the way to hack the Terminal.app. I also try to put it on the web asap for checking the implementation. Best.
  • Ruziaさんのコメント 12/08, 2007
  • J.e. Turcotteさんのコメント 02/06, 2008
    Hello... I tried your application (being desperate to change the dark blue to something else for VI, ls, and such via Terminal) ... but it tells me it hasn't been tested with SIMBL 0.2.1, and therefore won't run... good luck and thanks!
  • Yoshimasa Niwaさんのコメント 02/08, 2008
    Hi, J.e. Turcotte: The latest version of SIMBL seems 0.8.2 so, I think you can update SIMBL itself using SIMBL.pkg which I included in TerminalColoreopard.dmg. I tested this plugin with this version of SIMBL.
  • TNさんのコメント 03/28, 2008

    Thanx for this application. It is working flawlessly with an up-to-date Leopard installation. I understand (maybe from other sources) that the mechanism used, based on SIMBL is unsupported by Apple and will eventually be removed. I'm not an expert on this matter, so apologies in advance if i'm mistaken. I hope that there is a 'long term' solution, until Apple finaly resolves this issue.
  • stefさんのコメント 04/24, 2008
    Thanks Niwa, your app works fine... At last I can clearly see my files and folders in Terminal, with colors !
  • Thomasさんのコメント 08/11, 2008
    Thanks a lot! Never again too blue...
  • Michaelさんのコメント 09/09, 2008
    This worked great with Leopard 10.5.4 and Terminal.app. Thank you very much!
  • Stianさんのコメント 09/18, 2008
    Woo! This is brilliant! Thank you very much! Keep up the good work! I changed everything to lovely shaded pastels.. it looks lovely! And the best part - my eyes don't hurt anymore.

    PS - for the best experience combine with the fixed-width font Inconsolata http://www.levien.com/type/myfonts/inconsolata.html
  • Richardさんのコメント 09/26, 2008
    Thank you!
  • kimcさんのコメント 11/26, 2008
    I was crying every time I a see dark blue as directory on black background. This is a life saver!!! Thank you.
  • Vitorさんのコメント 03/28, 2009
    I installed sucsessfuly and the menu Color menu appears on Terminal.app.
    I just don't get how to setup the colours, they're still the same!
  • Yoshimasa Niwaさんのコメント 03/31, 2009
    Hi, Vitor, You'll get an additional menu item in "Terminal" menu which you can see in the thumbnail on this page. Then you can change the colors. If it still doesn't work, please send me a log which you can get at "All Messages" on Console.app in Utilities with filtering "Terminal"(You may get 'TerminalColoreopard installed' by filtering). Thank you!
  • Danielさんのコメント 04/22, 2009
    thanks so much for this!
  • Michael2さんのコメント 06/25, 2009
    Great Addition! Thanks a lot!
    Greetings to Tokyo, Japan
    from Berlin, Germany
  • godDLLさんのコメント 08/18, 2009
    Hey Yoshimasa san, are you going to carry on into Snow Leopard? Or maybe release the source so that someone else can?
  • Yoshimasa Niwaさんのコメント 08/19, 2009
    > godDLL-san
    mmm, currently I can't say yes or no because Snow Leopard doesn't support SIMBL(Input Manager) hack any more. I hope Terminal.app on Snow Leopard has an ability to change the color in itself though, if not, I'd try to find out the way to fix this "BUG"!
  • Robさんのコメント 08/28, 2009
    Still no options to change the colors on snow leopard, and they've broken the TerminalColors hack :(
  • Jubalさんのコメント 09/08, 2009

    Thank you so much for your Terminal addition! You have made my life so much better ^_^ It works just fine now on Snow Leopard.
  • maxさんのコメント 09/22, 2009
    Thanks for the app. Works great on SL!
  • Mark Percivalさんのコメント 09/24, 2009
    Great plugin, It seems the other TerminalColour plugin is broken under SIMBL 64 bit. This one work great on though, thanks.
  • Bayard Randelさんのコメント 10/15, 2009
    Superb work!

    ありがとうございました from Dunedin, New Zealand!
  • Knorkebrotさんのコメント 11/22, 2009
    Thank you very much, finaly I can read all the blue text again =D You just made my work easier.

    Greetings from Germany =)
  • Jordan Boeschさんのコメント 12/16, 2009
    Just tried this and I get this error when opening Terminal:

    Terminal 2.1 (v272) has not been tested with the plugin TerminalColoreopard (null) (v0.2.4). As a precaution, it has not been loaded. Please contact the plugin developer for further information.
  • Yoshimasa Niwaさんのコメント 12/17, 2009
    hi Jordan,
    Thank you for your report. I'm not using Snow Leopard mainly, so it is because of update. I'll update this application soon. Thank you!
  • Yoshimasa Niwaさんのコメント 12/20, 2009
    Hi Jordan,
    I checked the package on Snow Leopard then It seems works good. Please using 0.2.5 instead of 0.2.4 because 0.2.4 doesn't support Snow Leopard. Thank you!
  • Markさんのコメント 03/31, 2010

    Please could you release a version that works with the 10.6.3 update?

  • tukiyoさんのコメント 03/31, 2010
  • Yoshimasa Niwaさんのコメント 03/31, 2010
    I'm getting ready to ship new version of TerminalColoreopard for 10.6.3... stay tuned.
  • Classicさんのコメント 04/02, 2010
    Thanks for the fast update for 10.6.3!
  • elさんのコメント 04/03, 2010
    arigatou gozaimasu~!! hontoni~!!
  • kikutaさんのコメント 04/19, 2010
    10.6.3でJordan Boesch同様にエラーが出てしまいます..


    Terminal 2.1.1 (v273) has not been tested with the plugin TerminalColoreopard (null) (v0.2.5). As a precaution, it has not been loaded. Please contact the plugin developer for further information.
  • Yoshimasa Niwaさんのコメント 04/19, 2010
    > Kikuta さん
  • Yoshimasa Niwaさんのコメント 04/29, 2010
  • kikutaさんのコメント 04/29, 2010
    > Yoshimasa Niwaさん

  • Justinさんのコメント 06/17, 2010
    A big thanks Yoshimasa.
    Your plugin worked for me (10.6.4)
  • indenさんのコメント 11/08, 2010
    my tmux doesn't show a vivid green toolbar anymore, thanks! :)

  • Devinさんのコメント 01/04, 2011
    Thank you. So much. Finally I can see ANSI blue now.
  • bluehatさんのコメント 04/07, 2011
    Big thanks Yoshimasa! Works perfect for me (10.6.7)! Finally I can use monokai colors from TextMate in my terminal :)

    Here are the RGB values:

    black (0, 0, 0)
    red (229, 34, 34)
    green (166, 227, 45)
    yellow (252, 149, 30)
    blue (196, 141, 255)
    magenta (250, 37, 115)
    cyan (103, 217, 240)
    white (242, 242, 242)
  • Yoshimasa Niwaさんのコメント 04/17, 2011
    bluehat: sounds good. I'm also now using monokai-like color schema.
  • Aaron Hopeさんのコメント 04/27, 2011
    Thing of beauty! It's so nice to have that constant irritant removed.
  • Mark Wadhamさんのコメント 07/18, 2011
    Hi Yoshimasa,

    Any eta for getting this working with Lion?

    Thanks :)
  • Yoshimasa Niwaさんのコメント 08/22, 2011
    Mark: on Lion, Terminal.app itself finally supports this feature so we don't need to use any plugins to change ANSI colors!
  • Andrew Pennebakerさんのコメント 11/07, 2013
    This doesn't work on new Macs, but this does: