Enable hidden "International" settings on iPhone

Posted by Yoshimasa Niwa on 10/13, 2007
This content is obsolete.
Don’t update to 1.1.2 firmware if you want to use Japanese keyboard. 1.1.2 firmware seems to be disabled Japanese keyboard feature although it has “International” settings enabled.

I try to enable japanese keyboard on iPhone with 1.1.1 firmware last night, and continue to find how to enable international settings. At last, I found how to enable international settings on iPhone which enable you to toggle international keyboard, and region formats etc.

Instruction to enable “International” settings

  1. Download com.apple.preference.plist from the link.
  2. Place it into ~/Library/Preferences on iPhone via ssh. Of course, it require to jailbreak your iPhone. You can find how to jailbreak using Google.
  3. Enjoy international settings.

The applications on iPhone have no international resources. I’ve never try to this, You can copy these resources from iPod touch firmware and got internationalized UI. Without copying resources, you can see only english even if you select the other language on this international settings.



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