iPhone with Japanese Keyboard

Posted by Yoshimasa Niwa on 10/12, 2007
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This summer I got iPhone and took it back to Japan. As you know, Japan is not GSM country(only 3G WDCMA and original CDMA waves) I just use iphone as like iPod touch with WiFi. The most important things for us, iPhone has no Japanese keyboard. Someone who use Japanese developed input method with Ajax but it is only work on Safari. Last month apple released new firmware 1.1.1 and this week, some guy found how to jailbreak it. (If you cannot what I mean, you just google!)

The firmware 1.1.1 is not so different from iPod touch firmware 1.1.1, obviously includes japanese keyboard. So I try to compare these ram-disk(Thank you for niccy to provide me ipod configuration!) and I found the difference between them.

How to enable Japanese keyboard system widely on iPhone with firmware 1.1.1?

  1. You need the way to access ~/Library/Preferences on iPhone. the easy? way is to jailbbreak it and install sshd. The directory ~/Library/Preferences is placed into /var and it was mounted as Read/Write. So I’ve never tried to do, you may access this directory without jailbreak using something like iPHUC.

  2. Get ~/Library/Preferences/.GlobalPreferences

  3. Add follow section to .GlobalPrefernces and write back it into iPhone.

  4. Let’s show keyboard on application like notepad. You can get international icon on keyboard(earth icon) and tap it to switch Japanese keyboard and English keyboard.




  • Felix said at 01/28, 2008
  • Yoshimasa Niwa said at 02/06, 2008
    Dear Felix, I wrote "We POSSIBLY can enable japanese keyboard with iPHUC..." but, after that I found it is impossible. we should jailbreak first. iPHUC can access ONLY ~/Media but we should place the plist into ~/Library. I'm sorry for this mistake. iPHUCでアクセスできるかもと書きましたが、iPHUCだけではできないようです。すみません。Jailbreakが必要です。
  • APPLE said at 04/22, 2008

  • Leon said at 02/18, 2010
    Just a note for anyone reading this, the iPhone now has a native Japanese keyboard.
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