RubySearch Dash Widget for Dashboard

Posted by Yoshimasa Niwa on 04/10, 2007

RubySearch Dash is a widget for Dashboard in MacOS X. This widget provides you a dictionally for querying the local ruby documents which installed via RDoc by working as a front end of ri command.


This widget is based on great and nice widget RubySearch from Brian Guthrie. I already sent the patch to Brian and he may post newer version of RubySearch in a few days.

Follows are new features added to RubySearch: * Fix the flicking when turn to backside. * Fix a something bad when we resizing this widget. * Find with shorter name. You can find the ActiveRecord::Base.find with only capital charactors like “AR::Base.find”. * Support versionized documents with gems. * You can add the version to end of method name like “AR::Base::find-1150” to find in ActiveRecord 1.15.0 * This problem is actually not in RubySearch but in ri command itself. * ri could not decide which versions’ document to show because of finding with only method and module/class name (different versions has same namespace and method name) * Tweak icon and add Japanese resources :)


  1. Download
  2. Double click to extract the widget
  3. Double click the widget icon to install into Dashboard
  4. Click info button and set the path to ruby and ri commands if needs
  5. Widget will detect atomically this configuration.
  6. Ruby with MacOS X is located normally in /usr/bin/ruby, /usr/bin/ri.
  7. If you install the other ruby, for example using MacPorts, select the path to ruby what you want to use.


Download RubySearch Dash Widget 1.0.0


  • MacOS X 10.4.x
  • Ruby 1.8.x (normally installed with MacOS X)



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