Twilight Color Scheme for Vim

Posted by Yoshimasa Niwa on 08/06, 2006

Nice editor TextMate

TextMate is a nice editor on Mac OS X, but it has a big problem; it cannot show any character when we enter a japanese character. I want to use it, but the problem is so big that I refuse to use it, but the theme skin included in TextMate is so nice. Then I decide to change it to the color scheme of vim editor.


How to use it?

Copy into ~/.vim/colors. then just type “:colorscheme twilight”



  • Andrewさんのコメント 05/12, 2007

    Just a quick note to say thank you for the theme, so far so good!

    Works a treat!
  • Lee Hinmanさんのコメント 03/17, 2008
    This theme is awesome, thank you very much :)
  • Jeffさんのコメント 03/31, 2008
    Awesome theme man! I'm switching from TextMate to VIM and this makes it better :) Thanks!
  • Leeさんのコメント 09/20, 2008
    Fantastic theme, thank you so much!
  • deEscalateさんのコメント 08/24, 2009
    This is a beautiful colorscheme. Tumblogged and twittered, etc. Thanks!
  • Wolfgangさんのコメント 09/09, 2009
    Nice, thank you!
  • HJさんのコメント 10/28, 2009
    Really cool! Thank you a lot!
  • Toddさんのコメント 07/09, 2010
    That didn't work. I copied the theme like so: ~/.vim/colors

    Then, since your directions weren't clear on where to enter :colorscheme twilight, I entered it with vim running in command mode. Then I tried entering it after cd back to the ~/.vim/colors directory. All of it was pointless, as every file I open in vim is still plain white text.
  • Oriolさんのコメント 02/11, 2011
    @Todd you can look for vim path in /usr/share/vim/ and find colors directory and put the twilight.vim there.

    Hope it helps
  • bekoさんのコメント 03/26, 2011
    Thank a lot,

    I feel much better now since I am used to this color scheme.
  • s.Oatenさんのコメント 08/12, 2011
    @Oriol, excellent! Putting my color files there did the trick, thanks for the tip!
  • Aliceさんのコメント 03/19, 2016
    Neat, thanks for this! I used to use Twilight across the many editors I have tried (TextMate, Chocolat, Textastic, …) but when I finally switched to Vim I found the "apprentice" theme to be very much like Twilight but with less saturation, thus easier on the eyes. :)