Launchy Patch

Posted by Yoshimasa Niwa on 08/06, 2006

New version released.

Launchy 1.0B was released. This patch is still work at 1.0B! (some Hunk… warning will be shown when you apply it, but it is no problem to work)

You can also download patched Launcy from the next download link.

Road to Launchy

I use a key stroke launcher, like Mac OSX Spotlight, or QuickSliver or Gooogle Desktop you can launch applications by just type the application name.

I’ve tried number of key stroke launchers: * moonlight * bluewind * Launchy — currently I use.

Thus, today I introduce the patch which change Launch to more suite for me.

Why do I select Launch?

Just only one reason, Transparency!!

But I don’t like it.

Launchy launch the application by keystroke but, it find application by hole letter matching. For example, If you type “i”,”l”,”l”, moonlight and bluewind launch Adobe Illustrator, but the Launch will find another application which name includes “ill”. Therefore, I made a tiny patch to make Launchy to work as I want to do.

Download ONLY for Launcy 1.0B

Thank you Josh Karlin for create the Launchy as OSS. The archive includes executable file. If you want to build it oneself, please download the source and patch it. This patch is also licensed under GPL. If you want just to use it, at first you must install Launchy by official installer, and next over writes it.