TOMATO WORKSHOP "Giants Walked Here" Powered by RELM

Posted by Yoshimasa Niwa on 12/05, 2005

In 2005 summer to winter, I have a series of workshop collaborated with TOMATO — a famous and fantastic designers group at London. These workshop are titled; TOMATO WORKSHOP “Giants Walked Here” Powered by RELM, sponsored by KDDI and these hold on KDDI Designing Studio, at Tokyo, Japan.

In the workshop, 15 public students are working with TOMATO and creating a new digitalized story around the city with mobile phones, embedded with my software: RELM(aka The Re: living Map, you know, this name is too long to say) that allows them to trace and record their own walk path by GPS tracking software and to catch up every inspirations they find in the city with digital camera and to modify them into a story.

These story based on digital photo and GPS tracking path are organized RELM web application into a series of stories and these story built up a “new experimental” city on the web.

But, this project and workshop results are not only published on the web you can read it, also you can relive these stories. Using your own mobile phone, you can trace their walk path and relive a real world and real city at the same place on which students were feeling and creating a new story!

This series of workshop have been finished. And much worse, the mobile phone site you can relive them were closed last month.

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