flatmenus: enable flat menu on Windows XP

Posted by Yoshimasa Niwa on 06/25, 2004

Windows XP has normally a function to show menu in flat, but it is only enabled when you select “Luna” style. This tool enable flat menu not only Luna but also non-Luna style.

Install and Uninstall

  1. Install is very simple. Just extract a zip file.
  2. Uninstall is also very simple. Just the delete exe file.


Run and check on, and press OK.


I’ve lost the source code of this tiny tool, and it makes me not to fix the bug; if you check off and press ok, but it does not disable flat menu…, sorry.



Term of use

We make no warranty.



  • DinhoTF said at 01/28, 2009
    Thanks! Good Soft! :)
  • qubodup said at 01/15, 2010
    Thank you! So... pretty...

    I wish the same was possible for window borders and menu areas.

    So nice to have simple, flat window menus..
  • Deepak said at 02/15, 2010
    Thanks, It helped me. :)
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